‘Brenbreak’ Apple Watch Jailbreak for watchOS 4.0 – 5.1.2 Teased; Q4 2019 Release

Brenbreak Apple Watch jailbreak

If you have been holding out for an Apple Watch jailbreak, here’s an update to make your wait worth it. Developer @ethanpepro who was working on an Apple Watch jailbreak has teased the brenbreak jailbreak for the wearable.

He teases the jailbreak will “liberate your Apple Watch” and that it will be compatible with all Apple Watch variants and models released so far running watchOS 4.0 to watchOS 5.1.2. The only gripe is that the jailbreak will release in Q4 2019 which at best means another 3 months of waiting or 6 months in the worst case scenario. By then, Apple would have released watchOS 6 to the public which comes with new watch faces, an improved Health app, new system apps, and more.

The Apple Watch does not have an active jailbreaking community and as of now, there are no clear benefits to jailbreaking the wearable as well. However, once the brenbreak jailbreak is released, it is possible that we will see developers get around to releasing some useful jailbreak tweaks and mods for it. Among other things, a jailbroken Apple Watch could pave the way for custom watch faces on the wearable.

A couple of jailbreaking tools for the Apple Watch have been released in the past. However, they were primarily developer centric which is why they failed to attract regular Apple Watch users.

Are you looking forward to an Apple Watch jailbreak? Or do you think it is meaningless without any useful tweak around?