Cellbrite Claims It Can Unlock iPhones and iPads Running iOS 12.3

Cellbrite UEFD Premium

Cellbrite is known to offer iPhone unlocking services to legal enforcement agencies and other companies. The FBI took help of the Israeli company and reportedly paid it nearly $1 million to unlock the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino shooter. The same company now claims that it can now unlock any iPhone/iPad running iOS 12.3.

The new ‘premium’ version of Cellbrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device is capable of unlocking any iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 through iOS 12.3. It is also capable of unlocking and extracting crucial data from high-end Android devices. The company says that it is an “exclusive solution for law enforcement” agencies and by using UFED, they can gain access to third-party app data, chat conversations, emails, and more stored in a locked iOS device running up to iOS 12.3.

Bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device, or a physical extraction or full file system (File-Based Encryption) extraction on any many high-end Android devices, to get much more data than what is possible through logical extractions and other conventional means.

It is interesting that Cellbrite’s tool can bypass the security measures implemented in the very latest release of iOS that’s available to the public. Apple keeps adding new security measures to iOS to prevent tools from Cellbrite and Grayshift to work properly.

Given that Grayshift and Cellbrite are competitors, it is clear that the latter is trying to win some customers from GrayShift. After Apple introduced USB Restricted Mode in iOS 12 last year, Grayshift’s GrayKey iPhone unlocking box stopped working. Since then, the company has managed to unlock certain iOS 12 builds.

While the trumpet that Cellbrite is beating might help it win customers, it also means that Apple will likely patch whatever exploit or hack the company is using to unlock iOS 12.3 running devices in a future iOS release

[Via Wired]