Google Chrome Is Leading Final Cut Pro X to Slow down and Crash

If you are a video editor who prefers to use Final Cut Pro X, you might want to ditch Chrome for good. It has been discovered that if you use Chrome with Final Cut Pro already running in the background, the latter’s performance will take a massive beating.

This is happening because Chrome is locking down the low-level VideoToolBox framework which makes Final Cut Pro X really slow and in some cases crash as well. The issue has been reported by many Final Cut Pro users on Twitter including Felipe Baez, the founder of Cre8ive Beast.

The VideoToolBox framework gives Chrome access to hardware encoder in a system to ensure it is able to smoothly and efficiently playback videos and render web pages. However, Chrome ends up hijacking the framework and blocks other apps from accessing it which affects the performance of other apps relying on it being affected. The issue is not just limited to Final Cut Pro X but any other video editor or app that uses the VideoToolBox framework.

As per AppleInsider, using Handbrake to encode videos is 30 percent slower with Chrome idling in the background when compared to Safari.

It is possible that this was an error by engineers working on Chrome which has slipped into the public release. Given the noise this issue will get now, I’d expect the Chrome team to roll out an update to fix the bug soon.

[Via AppleInsider]