Hong Kong Customs Officials Raid Yields Counterfeit iPhone Parts

Customs officials have seized counterfeit parts worth $120,000 in a raid on a Hong Kong repair shop. According to the officials, the repair shop was using counterfeit parts to fix broken devices including iPhone for international clients.

The Custom officers conducted the raid in lunchtime at an industrial unit in Tuen Mun. The facility was being used as a workshop and a warehouse to store counterfeit goods. Apparently, the business operated by fixing iPhones sent from as far as Australia, the U.S, and the United Kingdom. Once received, the iPhones were fixed by using fake parts and sent back to the client via airmail.

The warehouse in question spread across 5,000 sq ft and officials recovered 3,900 counterfeit phones and some machinery to carry out the repairs. It is further reported that three workers were hired to carry on the repairs, however, the local workers were not arrested.

According to the report from the South China Morning Post, Investigating officers had received a tip-off from a trademark owner a month ago. The entire operation passed under the radar as the company was only servicing international clients. Meanwhile, the repair work included replacing cracked screens and other physical damages.

Our Take

Apple products are among the world’s most counterfeited brands. The Hong Kong raid haul is not surprising considering the large volume of counterfeit iPhones that flood the market. The worst part is that counterfeit iPhones might pass on a genuine one to an untrained eye.

While you can still spot a counterfeit iPhone, it is not easy to spot a counterfeit part since it is fitted inside an iPhone. In a majority of cases, second-hand phone dealers send the devices to overseas and get it repaired at a ridiculously low price, despite the shipping fees. It is always preferable to buy refurbished iPhones from Apple’s Certified Refurbishing and as far as repairs are concerned it is better to head over to your nearest authorized dealer.