iOS 13 Announced With Dark Mode, Faster App Launch Times, More

Apple today unveiled iOS 13 — the next major version of its mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads. After focusing primarily on speed and stability with iOS 12 last year, iOS 13 is a major feature-packed release, especially for the iPad.

iOS 13 introduces a number of features that iPhone and iPad users have been asking for a long time.

Dark Mode

iOS 13 introduces a system-wide Dark Mode. The mode also extends to all the apps that are bundled with the OS including the Music app, Reminders, Apple Maps, and more. There is an option to enable the Dark Mode automatically from the Control Center or schedule it to automatically enable itself during a certain period of the day.

Faster Face ID and Faster App Launch Times

Apple has again made improvements to system performance with iOS 13. Thanks to underlying changes, Face Unlock on iOS 13 is up to 30 percent faster.

Apple has also managed to make app sizes smaller. The other benefit is that Apple claims apps will open almost 2x faster on iOS 13.

Swype-like Keyboard

iOS 13 is finally improving the stock keyboard and adding swiping abilities to it. This means just like Swiftkey and Gboard, you can swipe on the keyboard to type a word instead of typing it.

Improved Safari, Mail, and Notes App

Safari now has preferences on a per-website basis. The Mail app gets desktop formatting and fonts support.

The Notes app gets a much-needed Shared folder feature in iOS 13.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is getting a massive revamp with iOS 13. The whole data has been refreshed and Apple hopes to roll out the new map data for the entirety of the US by the end of 2019. Some other regions in the world are also going to get new Maps data before year end.

Apple is replacing Flyover with LookAround which is basically the company’s take on Street View. Other improvements in Maps include Junction View in China, Share ETA, Flight status, and more.

Revamped Reminder App

The Reminders app has received a top to bottom revamp and now does a much better job in helping one manage their tasks. The revamp means that the new Reminders app will take on many popular third-party Reminders and to-do apps.

The app is also available on macOS 10.15.

Focus on Privacy

iOS 13 puts a strong focus on user privacy and for this, Apple has made a number of underlying changes.

You can now share your location with an app just once. Yep, just once. iOS 13 will now also provide background tracking alerts. Plus, iOS will prevent apps from abusing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth background scanning to track one’s location.

Sign in with Apple

Apple is taking on Google and Facebook SSO buttons with its own ‘Sign in with Apple’ button. Unlike Google and Facebook, when one uses Sign in with Apple, your name, age, email ID and other personal data won’t be shared with the website.

In fact, if you want, you can hide your email from apps as well, with Apple creating a random email ID if an app insists on one. The emails to this random ID will be then forward to your primary ID. This way, it remains hidden from third-party apps and services.

Enhanced Messages App

Contacts will now show up with their Memoji in the Messages app. Plus, names of unknown message senders will be automatically shown inside the Messages app as well.

Customizable Memoji

Memojis are getting more customizable in iOS 13. You can customize the makeup, add accessories including AirPods, lipstick color, teeth, and more.

Memoji Stickers

Apple will automatically convert your Memoji into a Memoji sticker pack which you can use in third-party apps like WeChat.

New Portrait Modes

The Camera app in iOS 13 gets a more powerful and customizable Portrait mode. You can tweak the intensity of the light on your subject as per your liking.

Enhanced Editing Tools

The stock image editor in iOS 13 is getting a lot of new tools and options. Some of the new editing options include Brilliance, Highlights, Sharpes, Noise Reduction, Contrast, and more. Most of these options are available on third-party editing apps like Snapspeed.

Apple is also enhancing the video editing capabilities in iOS 13. There are more editing tools available for videos including the ability to rotate a video.

‘Photos’ Tab

There is a new ‘Photos’ tab in the Photos app which now uses machine learning to organize your photos. It will automatically hide duplicate photos and remove the irrelevant ones. It will also automatically play videos and live photos directly in the browse view.

The Photos app can also organize your photos in Months and Years now.

AirPods Can Read Incoming Messages

After iOS 13, AirPods will automatically read all your incoming notifications and allow you to reply to it.

Redesigned CarPlay

CarPlay is getting a redesign as a part of iOS 13. The Dashboard has been redesigned and it shows more information than before. Triggering Siri does not cover the entire screen in iOS 13 as well. Plus, Siri now works with Pandora and Waze as well.

The Music app in CarPlay has received a major redesign as well.

iOS 13 releases in September this year for all compatible iPhones and iPads.