Leaked Images Show off Apple Card’s Design in Full Glory

Earlier this week we had reported that Apple is testing the Apple Card with a larger pool of retail employees. As expected the images of the card have been leaked out. Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs and is set to launch the Apple Card in summer.

The titanium finished Apple Card looks sleek and imposing. Unlike the traditional credit card, Apple has decided to stick with the bare minimum. The Apple logo is embossed on the left tip corner while the chip is placed on the right side. The name and other details have been excluded on the leaked card. Interestingly the card doesn’t seem to come with card number, CVV or expiration date.

Moving on, the back of the Apple Card is minimal as well. The titanium card is embossed with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard logo alongside a magstripe at the bottom. Not that it matters, but the leaked images also show that Apple’s Apple Card weighs 14.75 grams. The inside of the Apple Card packaging gets a rainbow color treatment.

iMore has reported that Apple is approving users with a credit score that lies between 60 to 700. Meanwhile, the approved credit card comes with a $1000 credit limit. According to Apple employee, it took one week to receive the Apple Card. It is worth noting that the Apple Card is enclosed within the white sleeve with an Apple Logo at the front. The purchases will be listed and categorized on the Apple Wallet app.

Apple Card is slated for a summer launch. Currently, the card is being tested out by Apple employees with devices running iOS 12.4. That being said we are not sure whether Apple Card will be restricted to iOS 12. 4 or available for all recent iOS versions.