Here is How Apple Has Enhanced Security at Factories to Curb Leaks and Thefts

Majority of iPhone leaks originate from the vast supply chain. The Information has published a report detailing how Apple has enhanced its security at the factories in the last couple of years. In 2013, an employee who worked at Jabil stole thousands of iPhone 5c casings from a factory located in China. Ever since Apple has ramped up its security measures and is trying to curb theft and leaks from the factory.

The suppliers are also spending millions of dollars to improve their security. Apple is known to fine component suppliers in the tunes of millions of dollars. For instance, Jabil has spent considerably to install facial recognition cameras, security camera and has also placed 600 security guards after the iPhone 5C fiasco.

Apple has created a team called New Product Security Team or NPS in short. The main purpose of this team is to curb the menace of thefts and leaks. The team has been successful in foiling multiple thefts and leak attempts. One of the factory workers was found to have dug a tunnel to transport components outside the factory.

The Cupertino company has hired personnel from U.S military and intelligence as a supplier security manager. That apart the company also performs weekly audits on factories and this helps it keep a tight leash on the supply chain. Competitors like Huawei have often found to be stealing technology from Apple. It is believed that Google, Samsung, and LG are trying to implement similar measures.

The report also mentions that electronic leaks are very common and difficult to contain. For instance, we are already aware of the camera bump and triple rear camera on the upcoming iPhone 11. As part of the protocol, suppliers are required to store the parts in opaque containers and trash is scanned for metal before being disposed of. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t allow users to access third-party cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox or even public email addresses.

[via The Information]