Apple iCloud Services and Retail Store Systems Facing Nationwide Outage [Update]


Another day, another outage! Yesterday WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram suffered from an outage. Today Apple’s iCloud Services and Retail Store systems are not available for some users. System Status is showing that services like Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Game Center, Photos and Screen Time are affected.

Users are reporting the outage on social media. Apple says that only some users are affected. However, going by the social media posts the issue seems to be affected quite a lot of people. Meanwhile, Apple is also having an issue with retail store systems. Employees are unable to complete purchases or process support requests.

Apple has labeled most of the iCloud services as “Users may be experiencing a problem with the service.” Apparently one of the users had visited Apple Store to get her iPhone fixed, however, it was not possible due to the outage. Even Apple Pay is reportedly facing downtime and the payments are not being processed.

Update: Nearly all of Apple’s Cloud services are up and running. At the time of writing only iCloud Calendar, Contacts and Reminders are facing issues. Apple has also mentioned that it has resolved two issues related to Apple Pay and issues related to FInd My Friends and Find My iPhone.