Apple Watch Fall Detection and SOS Feature Credited with Saving yet Another Life

Apple Watch has once again saved a life. Kate Donald suffers from epilepsy and Apple Watch alerted her family members when she suffered a seizure. The fall detection sprung into action and sent out alerts.

The seizure happened when Kate was alone at home. Since she was wearing the Apple Watch it used Emergency SOS feature to contact emergency services. As expected the Emergency SOS feature also displayed Kate’s location as she was rushed to the hospital.

Apparently, Kate bought the watch when she was pregnant last year. The medical report sheds light on Kate’s condition and says such seizures are generally caused due to lack of sleep. Since her seizures can be triggered with sleep deprivation her husband had arranged for the kids to be outside.

We thought the watch could be useful for epilepsy and falling down,” Mrs. Donald says. When I was pregnant with Tilly, I was in hospital and falling a lot. My head was literally covered in bruises.

We were like, ‘What can we do?’ Do we get a panic alarm like old people have, but you need to be conscious to press the button and I’m not. “(The watch) alerted Ben and then he called a neighbour and she called a couple of people in the street because she wasn’t home and they knew the pin code for our home.They let themselves in and called an ambulance, but the ambulance was like, ‘Hang on, there’s already someone being dispatched to the address

Fall detection made a debut on Apple Watch 4 which was launched last year. The feature works by detecting a hard fall and alerting the emergency services. Apart from that, it will also send a text with your location to your emergency contact.

[via NewsCorp Australia]