iOS 13 Beta 3 Hints at New Wired Method for Transferring Data Between Old and New iPhone

iOS 13 Beta 3 Wired Data transfer

A new graphical asset discovered in iOS 13 beta 3 points to Apple working on a new feature that will allow users to set up a new iPhone and transfer data from an old device over a wired connection.

The setup app currently allows one to set up their iPhone and import data from their old one over Wi-Fi, iTunes, or from their iCloud account. The new asset found in iOS 13 beta 3 points to Apple adding a new method to the setup app in which the transfer process works over a wired connection.

Android devices already offer the ability to import data from older Android smartphones and iPhones over a wired connection. Compared to using Wi-Fi, using a wired connection is reliable and faster, especially when one’s old device has a lot of data. However, one must have access to the right type of wire as well.

Having such a feature in iOS 13 would make a lot of sense if Apple plans on switching to USB-C and dump the Lightning connector on its 2019 iPhones. This is because while USB-C to Lightning cables are available in the market, there is no such protocol in which you get a wire with Lightning connectors at both ends.

Perhaps this feature hints at Apple ditching the Lightning connector on its 2019 iPhone 11 lineup and switching to USB-C. Or perhaps the company will launch a Lightning-to-Lightning wire alongside its 2019 iPhones later this year. What do you think?