Video: Here’s an iPhone 11 Clone Running Android

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and 2019 iPhone XR are still a few months away from launch. However, leaked renders have already given us a good look at how the phones will look. And that’s good enough for a Chinese OEM to go ahead and release an iPhone 11-lookalike running Android.

We have seen Chinese OEMs launch iPhone clones usually after a new iPhone is launched or around a month or so before its launch. This time around though, thanks to the detailed CAD renders and minimal design changes, Chinese OEMs have been quick to release iPhone 11 clones.

There is no word on if these iPhone 11 clones will go on sale or not. However, if you live in China, chances are you find such iPhone 11 clones in your local smartphone market.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 11 clones are pretty functional with even the rear camera working. However, the quality is not going to be anywhere near what the iPhone offers. This clone also likely uses a low-end chipset which means its performance is going to be pretty bad.

It goes without saying that if you value your data and money, you should stay away from such iPhone 11 clones.