This iPhone 11 Concept With Horizontal Camera System, 3D Apple Logo Is Straight From the Future

iPhone 11 concept

Last week, we saw an iPhone 11 concept with a horizontal camera setup at the rear. Building on that same concept, ConceptsiPhone is now out with an iPhone 11 concept envisioned by Bassam Nasser that further builds on the same design language.

This iPhone 11 concept envisions the handset with a horizontal camera setup with a 3D Apple logo located on the left side. It is an interesting setup that definitely looks unique and refreshing compared to other concepts that we have seen.

The concept iPhone lacks a notch at the front for a full-view display. It is unclear what exactly happens with the TrueDepth camera system since there’s no notch.

Apple is expected to reduce the size of the notch on its 2020 iPhones but that’s about it. It will be interesting to see how Apple gets rid of the notch on its future iPhones as it required to house the TrueDepth camera system.

This is one of those concepts that looks good in videos but is unlikely to turn into a reality due to various technological limitations. Leaked renders have all but confirmed that the 2019 iPhone 11 will look very similar to the existing iPhone XS, with only some minor enhancements.

Nonetheless, one can at least hope that for 2020 or future iPhones after that, Apple ends up switching to a horizontal camera setup on its iPhone lineup as it looks notably better than the current vertical camera layout as seen on the iPhone X/XS series.