Police on a Manhunt to Catch iPhone Thief Who Posted his Selfie on Victims Instagram

iPhones have been thieves favorite for quite some time. Despite the anti-theft feature thieves still, seek out an iPhone. In a rather weird turn of events, New Jersey detectives are on a manhunt for an iPhone thief who posted a selfie of himself on the victim’s Instagram account.

Police are now distributing the pictures in a bid to catch the thief. The selfie is a close up of the thief and he seems to be making funny faces. The victim reached out to Police after seeing a story with the thief’s face. Meanwhile, Police has shared the photo on Facebook and has requested anyone who can identify the person to contact the Police Detective Bureau.

The Kearny Police Detective Bureau is turning to our Facebook community for assistance in identifying a person of interest in the attached photograph

That apart the photo is also being aired on local news stations. It is unclear whether the suspect identified himself as the thief or the police just assumed the same. Whatever might be the case, the photo was posted from the stolen iPhone. Perhaps, this was a desperate attempt to get some publicity and well, the guy in the photo succeeded in doing so!

As we mentioned earlier iPhone is still the number one choice for thieves. The anti-theft feature and Find My iPhone seem to have done very little to curb the robberies. However, in the recent past the number of robberies are declining, thanks to a mandatory kill switch on all phones.

[via PetaPixels]