New Experience Arrives with Dark Mode, Improved Direct Messages

New experience is public. Since September last year, Twitter has been working on revamping its platform for desktop. And now the company has finally thrown open the new Twitter experience for everyone.

Firstly, now comes with a dark mode interface, something we have already seen on mobile apps. The company has also added Bookmarks to the desktop. Until now Twitter users had to like a tweet in order to bookmark the same. Furthermore, Direct Messages interface has also been improved.

Most importantly, the new Twitter experience on the desktop lets you switch between multiple Twitter accounts with a tap of a button. This feature too was already available on the mobile app. As far as I am concerned, the new Direct Messages interface looks very similar to the app and needs a bit of tinkering. On the brighter side, Twitter for desktop is now a Progressive Web App and this means that you will get the same experience across all the devices.

Our goal was to create one codebase – one website – capable of delivering the best experience possible for each person- Twitter

The lighter code will also help people to get the best experience despite being on a constrained data plan. Moreover, this will make it much easier for Twitter to push new features for all of its users.