Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Replacing Face ID with Touch ID for China-only iPhone

Face ID problems

A baseless new rumor claims that Apple plans on ditching Face ID and replacing it with Touch ID on Chinese iPhones.

The report claims that Apple is looking to launch a cheap China-only iPhone. In a bid to reduce costs, the company is looking to replace Face ID which has not really been appreciated by Chinese customers. Instead, the company will bring back Touch ID either by placing the sensor on the back of the phone or under the display like many other flagship Android smartphones.

While Apple is known to add region specific feature to íPhones from time to time, this rumor is taking things a bit too far.

Apple did previously add dual-SIM capabilities to its iPhone lineup but that feature was also popular among users in other Asian countries. The company only added a secondary nanoSIM slot to the 2018 iPhone lineup since eSIM technology is not supported by Chinese carriers. Plus, it would be very unlike Apple to make such a major change to the iPhone for only one market.

Our Take

The company already offers a cheaper iPhone in the form of the iPhone XR. And removing Face ID and replacing it with Touch ID is unlikely to reduce the price of the iPhone by a notable margin to attract Chinese customers who have a tendency to prefer smartphones from local OEMs.

[Via Global Times]