Survey Result Suggests Chinese Customers Find the iPhone 11 Design Ugly

The iPhone 11 is yet to launch in China but it looks like loyal iPhone customers have already made their mind against buying it. The reason? The design of the triple camera system at the rear.

While the iPhone 11 is yet to launch, leaked renders have already given us a look at how the phone will look. The major change is going to be the triple camera system at the rear housed inside a square-ish camera hump. And based on these renders, most Chinese customers have made up their mind against buying the iPhone 11.

A poll run by Sina’s tech blog on Weibo had over 750,000 respondents, with over 90% claiming that the iPhone 11 does not looks good.

Below are some of the replies on the poll.

“Each upgrade gets uglier,” said one of the top comments that’s been liked more than 3,500 times. “What’s wrong with Apple?”

“This looks really ugly,” said another popular comment. “I’m an Apple fan, but forget about this yuba.”

“Yuba” in Chinese refers to a type of a bathroom heat lamp with bulbs placed in a square container. The term is used by Chinese folks to describe the camera arrangement similar to what we have seen on the iPhone 11. The design first debuted with Huawei’s Mate 20 series last year.

Many participants of the poll also mentioned that the upcoming 5G phone from Huawei will beat the iPhone 11.

Our Take

The iPhone 11 is going to come with modest design changes, while Huawei is expected to push the boundaries in terms of design with its upcoming Mate 30 series. Huawei has been rapidly innovating and improving its smartphones while Apple’s design language has remained stagnant since it launched the iPhone X in 2017.

While the iPhone 11 is going to do well outside of China, it seems clear that Apple is going to face an uphill challenge in China —  one of the world’s largest smartphone market. The market sentiment in the country is already pro-Huawei due to the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China and the Huawei ban. And the relatively uninspiring design of the iPhone 11 is not going to help things by much.

[Via Abacus News]