WhatsApp Could Soon Let you Remain Active on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new system that will allow users to remain active on the same WhatsApp account across multiple devices at the same time. The release of this feature alongside a dedicated WhatsApp app for the iPad would make a lot of sense.

Right now, WhatsApp only allows users to remain active on one device at any given time. For example, if one is using WhatsApp on their iPhone, they cannot use the same account on their Android device. The company does offer WhatsApp Web where users can send/receive messages on their PC but even that implementation is closely tied to their phone and requires it to be connected to an active internet connection.

With the new multi-platform system that WhatsApp is working on, users would be able to remain active on WhatsApp on their PC or iPad while using the same account on their iPhone or Android device. The company will also be improving its end-to-end encryption mechanism as a part of this system, though details about it are not yet known.

The leak also says that this new multi-platform system is also the reason as to why WhatsApp has not released its dedicated iPad app despite it being ready. The company wants to allow users to remain active on WhatsApp on their iPhone and iPad with the same number.

WhatsApp is yet to officially announce this feature and this leak comes courtesy of @WABetaInfo who has been spot on with his leaks in the past. However, there’s no word on when WhatsApp will announce this feature so we can be looking at waiting times of anywhere between a few weeks to months.

Are you looking forward to WhatsApp’s multi-platform system?

[Via WaBetaInfo]