Apple’s Latest Ad in Korea Shows off User Customized AirPods Cases

We all want out iPhones and other accessories to stand out of the crowd and look different. Apple is sharing a new advertisement in Korea. The advertisement shows how you can customize AirPods charging case. It looks like AirPod case can be customized to look like heart,  a pair of cute teddys, Salt and Pepper decal and my favorite, a pack of frech fries!

At this point in time, we are not sure what Apple is trying to convey. Perhaps the company is showcasing the talent of Koreans when it comes to customizing AirPods cover. We are not sure if Apple is offering customization options or has roped in a third party that will offer AirPod case customization. It is worth noting that the ad occupies a prominent place on Apple’s homepage in Korea.

Last time around, Apple’s Bounce AirPods advertisement hogged the limelight. The ad was shot using practical effects and features a man who braces the harsh world without fear. The clip featured several gravity-defying stunts that are eyecatching and fun to watch.

Apple introduced the 2nd-Gen AirPods with SIRI support and a new charging case. They come equipped with Apple’s new H1 chip that offers low latency and allows you to seamlessly switch between devices. In comparison with older AirPods, the latest ones offers 50 percent more talk time and up to five hours of music playback.

The AirPods 2 charging case offers Qi wireless charging support, however, it is optional that costs $79 extra. Despite lacking an official water resistance certification, the AirPods 2 seem to fare well when they come in contact with water. Would you mind spending extra bucks to customize your AirPods charging case? Let us know in the comments below.