Apple Card Starts Arriving, Applicants with Low Credit Score Are Being Approved

Physical Apple Card

We had reported earlier that Apple had rolled out the Apple Card to select few for testing purpose. Recently Apple Card’s preview program went live and as expected Apple has dispatched the card to customers. Interestingly the card is being issued to people with a diversified credit score.

Nilay Patel from TheVerge has posted the pictures of Apple Card and says that it is thicker than his other plastic or metal card. We already know that Apple Card weighs nearly 14.75 grams and comes with a minimalistic design.

The Apple Card looks sleek and doesn’t come with the typical card number, expiry date, and other details. Your name is engraved on the front along with an Apple logo at the top left corner. Also present on the front is a chip. Moving on, the rear side of the card features a mag strip placed at the bottom and a Mastercard logo on the top right corner.

Here is how you can order your Apple Card. Apple ships the card free of cost and users have reported that they got the cards in a matter of few days. Interestingly Goldman Sachs has approved the card for people with a credit score in the range of 600. It seems like Apple wants to democratize the Apple Card and offer it to people with a varied credit score. One of the early users has been kind enough to upload an Apple Card unboxing video.

The Perks of using Apple Card

Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs for Apple Card where it would offer eligible iPhone customers a free credit card without any fees. Users would also get 3% cashback on Apple products, 2% on Apple Cash transactions, and 1% on all other transactions. Unlike other credit cards, Apple would actively encourage Apple Card users to pay off their bills to reduce interest charges. It would also not charge any kind of fees for late payment or interest.