What Do You See in Apple’s iPhone 11 Event Invite?

Even apart from the devices that Apple launches, there is a lot of interest in the invite that the company sends out for its media events as well. Every invite from Apple has always hinted at what the company is going to announce at the event or related to one of its upcoming products. The iPhone 11 invite is no different in this regard.

The WWDC 2019 event invite from earlier this year had a black theme which hinted at the upcoming Dark mode in iOS 13.

What the iPhone 11 ‘By Innovation Only’ Event Invite Logo Means

One look at the event invite and the most obvious thing that comes to one’s mind is that Apple is referencing the new iPhone colors in the invite. The Apple logo is divided into 5 different colors which match perfectly with rumors of the colors that the 2019 iPhone XR is going to be available in. Last year, Apple launched the iPhone XR in six different colors. This year, it is rumored to launch the phone in a new green and lavender colors which the event invite makes references to.

iPhone XR Colors

The iPhone 11 series is unlikely to be available in such a variety of colors. Apple will probably refresh the color options since it will be using frosted glass panels on these phones but they are unlikely to be available with so many different color options.

Leaks and renders have already told us a lot about the 2019 iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR successor. The iPhone 11 series will feature a triple-camera system while the 2019 iPhone XR will sport a dual-camera system. They will also feature improved Face ID, bigger batteries, and support reverse wireless charging. Apple is also going to ditch 3D Touch from its iPhone 11 lineup this year and replace it with Haptic Touch which it debuted on the iPhone XR last year.

Colored Apple Logo Making a Comeback?

The colored Apple logo in the invite has led to some speculations that Apple will be bringing back its colored logo this year. However, that’s unlikely to happen as a colored Apple logo will not go well with Apple’s existing design language. All Apple products are known for their understated look and a colored logo will definitely not go well with them.

There’s another crazy conspiracy theory from Stan Horaczek of PopSci regarding the logo hinting at the new camera tech of the upcoming iPhones.

What do you think the colored Apple logo in the iPhone 11 ‘By Innovation Only’ event invite means? Drop a comment and share your theories with us!