Apple Music, Apple TV, Beats 1, and Apple Books Currently Experiencing an Outage

Apple is currently reporting an outage with Apple Books, Apple Music, Apple TV, Beats 1, and Radio. As per the company’s status page, the outage affects “some users.” For Apple Books, it says that less than 5% of users are affected by the outage.

Apple is already investigating the outage so it should be rectified pretty soon. The outage does not affect other key Apple services like the App Store, iCloud, Mac App Store etc.

The outage means that users are unable to access or playback music from Apple Music. Similarly, users watching content on their Apple TV are encountering random freezes for the content they are watching from iTunes.

It is likely that Apple will resolve the outage with its services within a few hours. Are you affected by this outage Apple Music, Apple TV outage?