Apple TV+ Will Support Offline Viewing of Content

Ahead of its rumored release in November, more details about Apple’s upcoming Apple TV+ subscription service has been revealed.

The code found in the latest macOS Catalina beta suggests that while Apple will allow for offline downloading of content on Apple TV+, though it will have certain limitations.

Users will only be able to download content for offline viewing on one device at any given time. There will also be restrictions on the total number of downloads, the number of times a show or movie can be downloaded for offline viewing, and more.

If the user reaches the total download limit they will see a message that says “You have reached your limit of [preset number of] downloads.” If the user downloads the same video too many times they will see a message like “Download Limit reached for ‘The Morning Show’ Season 1 Episode 1.”

Apple will also be limiting the number of simultaneous streams on Apple TV+. This is something that almost every other streaming service does. The number of simultaneous streams that will be allowed will vary depending on your plan, whether you are a part of Family Sharing or not, and more.

Apple TV+ is expected to launch in November with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. Apple has reportedly spent upwards of $6 billion for producing original content for the streaming service. However, at launch, Apple TV+ is expected to launch with only six original shows from Apple.

[Via MacRumors]