The Complete Guide to Downgrading From iOS 13 Beta to iOS 12 Using dr.fone Repair Tool

iOS 13 betas are rough. Installing any beta is a risky affair, but iOS 13 betas so far have been very unreliable. What if you’ve already installed the iOS 13 Public or Developer Beta and you want to go back to iOS 12? This is actually easily done using dr.fone (without any data loss).

Downgrading From iOS 13: Everything You Need to Know About dr.fone Repair Tool

In this guide, we will be using dr.fone’s Repair tool, which is a part of their iOS Toolkit to downgrade iOS 13 back to iOS 12. We’ll also show you how you can use their Backup tool to take a full backup of your iOS 13 device before getting started. dr.fone’s iOS toolkit is available as a free trial and a 1-year license costs $59.95. But you can win a copy for free if you enter their giveaway. Take a look at the last section on this page to learn more.

The Nitty-Gritty of Downgrading iOS Devices

Like everything else in the iOS update process, downgrading to an older OS is quite difficult. In fact, Apple usually stops signing older firmware two weeks after the new update comes out. This means that if you’re on iOS 13 beta, going back to iOS 11 is (officially) impossible.

But because iOS 13 is still in beta, and because Apple is still actively releasing iOS 12 updates (the latest being iOS 12.4), you can still go back to the stable version of iOS 12. Officially, you can only downgrade to the previous version of iOS for a 14-day period after the release of the new version. But unofficially, there are a couple of tools like TinyUmbrella or TaigOne Downgrader that you can use.

How to Backup iPhone or iPad Before Downgrading

If you’re using iTunes to backup and restore iPhone, you should know that Apple doesn’t allow a data restore that comes from a higher version of the OS. So if you didn’t take a backup before installing iOS 13 and now you want to downgrade to iOS 12 and restore the backup, it won’t work. You’ll have to set up your iPhone as new. If you’ve already got an iOS 12 back, then you’re good to go.

This is why you can use dr.fone for backing up your iPhone or iPad, as well as for downgrading.

dr.fone is an all-in-one toolkit for iPhone and one of the best things about it the backup utility. Unlike iTunes, you can actually back up and restore files individually. You can choose to take a full backup – with apps and files – and restore it. Or you can individually restore messages and photos if you like.

For our needs, we are just going to take a full backup. So open the dr.fone app, and from the dashboard, select Backup & Restore.

From the next screen, select the data you want to back up. As we’re doing a full backup, select all. Then click on Backup and wait for a couple of minutes as the full data backup is completed.

How to Downgrade iOS 13 to iOS 12 Using dr.fone Repair

You don’t even need iTunes to go back to the stability of iOS 12. All you need is the free dr.fone app and their Repair tool on your Mac or Windows PC.

Step 1: Download dr.fone iOS Toolkit app from the website.

Step 2: Open the app and from the main screen, select the Repair option. This will download and install the Repair tool from the dr.fone tooklit.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the PC using a Lightning cable.

Step 4: Now, you’ll see two different options: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Standard mode fixes iOS issues and restores to iOS 12 without losing your data. Advanced mode will fix even more iOS issues and will restore to iOS 12, but you’ll lose all your data in the process. If you already have a backup of your data (in the dr.fone app or iTunes, you can go with the Advanced option. But for most users, the Standard option is the safest choice.

Step 5: On the next screen, the app will automatically detect which iPhone or iPad you have and will display all corresponding iOS version that can be installed on it. From the drop-down, select the latest version of iOS 12 and click on Start.

Step 6: Now, sit back as the iOS firmware is downloaded (it can be 4-5GB file) and then the app will automatically start verifying the firmware. Once this is done, all you need to do is to click on the Fix Now button to start the process of restoring your iPhone or iPad back to iOS 12.

Step 7: Wait until the entire process is complete. Once done, you’ll see the familiar Hello setup screen on your iPhone or iPad. You can now continue setting up your iOS device on iOS 12.

Restore Backup to iOS 12

Once iOS 12 restore process is complete, go back to the Backup & Restore section of the app and choose the backup we created to restore it. Wait till the process is completed. Now, you are back to the stable version of iOS 12, with all the data that you had accumulated while using iOS 13.

Fix Any iPhone or iPad Issue With dr.fone Repair Toolkit

dr.fone is a fully-fledged iTunes alternative for managing your iPhone or iPad. It can do everything iTunes can, in a better way, and it can do a lot more. Not only can you back up and restore your entire iPhone or iPad with just a click, but you can also selectively sync data like photos and messages to and from the iOS device.

And as we mentioned in the article above, you can use the Repair tool to fix many iOS software issues. Any issue related to your iPhone being locked, hanging, or crashing, can be fixed by using the repair tool. It works as a system reset. It takes care of fixing system-level issues. The beauty of dr.fone is that it won’t touch any of your personal data while the issues are fixed (and for good measure, you can always take a full backup with dr.fone before starting).

Try out dr.fone yourself to see how it can help you manage your iPhone or iPad better.

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