Case Maker Showcases iPhone 11 Case with a Slot for Smaller Apple Pencil

Reports have been hinting at an iPhone with Apple Pencil support since last year.  Now a case maker claims that Apple is likely to launch a small pencil with the upcoming iPhones.

The case maker says that Apple is designing a smaller Apple Pencil that is likely to be bundled with the top of the line 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. Case Site Mobile fun is stocking a case with Olixir that comes with a place for storing smaller version of Apple Pencil. However, the case is just a rendering and the possibility needs to be taken with a proverbial pinch of salt. That apart there is no evidence that the new iPhone will come with Apple Pencil.

At this point in time, we are also not sure whether Olixir has manufactured the case themselves. Meanwhile, the Apple Pencil slot doesn’t look to be functional and seems lacking ergonomically. That apart, a bunch of rumors and reports regarding new iPhones have surfaced in the past couple of months, however, most of them have not hinted at Apple Pencil support (except Citiresearch report). The description on the case makers site reads as follows,

Crafted from premium genuine leather, this exquisite grey case from Olixar for the iPhone 11 Pro provides stunning style and prestigious protection for your phone in a slim and sleek package, with the added convenience of an Apple Pencil sleeve.

Our Take

In the recent past Ming-Chi Kuo has hinted that the company will introduce Apple Pencil support for iPhone in 2018. Case makers often scurry to become the first ones to offer iPhone cases. This way they can cater to the initial peak demand and earn a name for themselves. The iPhone case in question seems to be more of an eye-catching render then an actual feature of the 2019 iPhones.

[via Mobile Fun]