‘Mac Book’ Says Surface Book 2 Is Better In Latest Microsoft Ad

Microsoft is out with a new ad where ‘Mac Book’ explains why the Surface Book 2 is a better buy than a MacBook.

Microsoft has long been taking potshots at Apple’s MacBook lineup with its Surface ads. This time around, the 30-second ad shows a man named Mac Book answering questions from the narrator. The questions include “which laptop lasts longer?” and which “laptop has a better touch screen?” The answer to all these questions is the Surface Book 2.

The ad ends with Mackenzie Mac recommending people to buy the Surface Book 2 and to “trust” him because he is Mac Book.

Microsoft has met with limited success with its Surface Laptop lineup. While they have been praised by reviewers and in certain ways they are better than a MacBook, they have not exactly set the sales chart on fire.

In the end, while Microsoft does use the ad to highlight some of the advantages of the Surface Book 2 lineup over MacBook, I doubt it is going to convince customers to change their mind. A MacBook still has a number of inherent advantages including better build quality, better software support, and more.

Have you ditched your MacBook for a Surface Book? Or do you plan on doing so?