Siri Beats Alexa in Annual Digital Assistant IQ Test, Continues to Lag behind Google Assistant

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Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster is out with his yearly report card on the performance of Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Siri has trailed behind Assistant in the test over the last year few years despite making noticeable improvements. The same story continues this year as well.

Munster asked all the three assistants 800 questions across a variety of categories to see how they would perform. Their performance was judged not just on their answers but their understanding capabilities as well. The 800 questions were from five different categories: Local, Commerce, Navigation, Information, and Command.

Google Assistant came out on top with as it understood all the queries asked to it and managed to answer 92.9% of them correctly. Siri came in second and answered 83.1% of the questions correctly. It failed to understand only two questions properly. Alexa came in third as it managed to answer 79.8% of the queries correctly.

All three voice assistants have shown notable improvements in just a year. When this test was conducted last year, Google Assistant managed to answer 86% of the questions correctly while Siri and Alexa answered 79% and 61% queries. Overall, over a 13-month period, Google Assistant has improved by 7%, Siri by 5%, and Alexa by 18%.

The iPhone in question was running iOS 12.4. Apple has made more improvements to Siri in iOS 13 and the assistant will perform once the update is released to the public.

While Assistant dominated the test with its performance, it fell behind Siri in the Command category. The latter is notably better than Assistant when it comes to executing any phone-related tasks like calling, mailing, music, etc. Siri struggled the most in the Commerce category, where Google answered 92% of the queries correctly while it was significantly behind at 68%.

[Via Loup Ventures]