This Gmail Tool Will Save You Tons of Time, For Just $10 [Deals Hub]

These days, all of our important communication takes place over email. And with dozens of emails coming in every day, it’s nice to have a helping hand when it comes to sorting and prioritizing this correspondence. DarwinMail Pro Lite is a tool for Gmail that ups your email productivity, keeping you organized and making sure you don’t miss any mail. A lifetime subscription to this handy tool is available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $29.99, 83% off the usual price of $180, and for those looking for less commitment, a one year subscription is available for 72% off the usual price of $36 for just $9.99.

Let Darwin Mail Pro Lite organize and sort your inbox into category, sender or subject with the handy bundling feature, or utilize the reminders feature to make sure you don’t forget any tasks. Got an email that needs a response, but don’t have time? Utilize the snoozing tool and get to it at a time that fits your schedule. And perhaps the best feature of Darwin Mail Pro Lite is the Undo Send feature, which lets you take back emails you’ve sent, preventing those dreaded apology emails.

Let Darwin Mail Pro Lite make your email life easier. A lifetime subscription is available in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $29.99, and a one year subscription can be yours for $9.99.