This Highly-Rated Language App Helps You Speak Like A Local [Deals Hub]

In today’s busy world, a language app is the perfect solution for finally learning Spanish (or French or German!). If picking up a new language has been on your bucket list but you haven’t found the time, Babbel Language Learning can help. This language app lets you pick up a new language quickly and confidently. A lifetime subscription typically costs $299, but is currently on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for 50% off at just $149.

Babbel has amassed a 4.6 star rating in Apple’s App Store, with over 39,000 users applauding the ease of use and the ability to master one of 14 different languages. Once you’ve selected your language of choice, you can learn at your own pace — whenever is most convenient for your busy life. Babble’s 10-15 minute bite-sized lessons fit easily into any schedule, and the language app focuses on practical topics like travel, family, business and food so you’ll be ready to converse on your next trip. Babbel’s speech recognition technology even ensures you sound like a local, helping you keep your pronunciation on point.

Ready to master another language? Grab one of these Babbel subscriptions: