Apple Card is Made up of 90% Titanium and 10% Aluminium Alloy

Physical Apple Card

Credit card companies often derive the name of their cards from precious metals. More than often the name has nothing to do with the construction of the card. However, in the case of Apple Card things seem to differ. Apple Card is made out of 90% of Titanium while the rest is aluminum alloy.

The folks at Bloomberg took help of a Berkeley professor by the name Hans-Rudolf Wenk. The professor is a mineral specialist and used an electron microscope to ascertain the materials used in Apple Card. Electron Microscope is capable of determining the atomic makeup of materials. The inspection has established two things, the Apple Card is made up of 90 percent titanium and 10 percent aluminum alloy.

Now the question is how does it affect Apple Card users like you and me? Well, Titanium is often lauded as a superman of metal. The metal has been showcased as indestructible in many movies and this is true to a certain extent. Titanium is strong and unlike other metals offers a high ductility. On the other hand, the metal is prone to scratches and offers very little resistance to plastic deformation. In all likelihood, the alloy is used to harden the card, make it less prone to scratches and bending.

Our Take

The composition of your credit card or Apple Card doesn’t really matter much. Yes, the Apple Card definitely looks much sleeker than others, but that is it. We also need to remember that the Apple Card is more of a virtual payment system and the construction of the physical card is immaterial. That being said, I personally love the Apple Card’s minimalistic design and premium aesthetics.

[via Bloomberg]