Apple Will Release macOS Catalina in October

macOS Catalina Apple Music

Apple has announced that it will release the macOS Catalina update in October. The announcement was part of Apple’s iPhone unveiling event. That being said, the company has not revealed the exact date.

The macOS Catalina might arrive at any time during October. This also means that iOS 13 and watchOS 6 will be available before macOS Catalina. Apple has already announced that iOS 13 and watchOS 6 will be available on September 19th. It is quite likely that Apple might release macOS Cataling at an upcoming launch event for new MacBook’s. However, this is just a wild guess at the moment.

macOS Catalina Features

Screen Time

Apple has finally extended Screen Time to macOS. Screen Time is an extremely useful utility that helps keep track of time spent on apps and lets us set limits on screen time.

Screen Time settings are synced across all devices so any limit you apply will be applicable for your usage across all Apple devices you own. Screen Time on macOS Catalina is gaining a useful new “One more minute” feature that will give users an extra minute when their time limit expires to save their work or game.


If you own an iPad, you can now use it as an extended monitor for your Mac. Or you can mirror your Mac’s display content on the iPad. This feature has been replicated by many third-party apps for Mac and with Catalina, Apple is natively adding it to the OS. For someone on the go, Sidecar allows them to turn their iPad into a portable external monitor for their Mac.

More Secure Gatekeeper

Apple focuses on improving the security of its OSes with every new update. macOS Catalina is no different in this regard. Gatekeeper in macOS Catalina now checks all apps for security issues and it also requires apps to get the required permission before user documents can be accessed.