ECG Feature for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 Now Available in India

Apple Watch ECG reading

Apple Watch ECG functionality has finally arrived in India. The Medical fraternity in India has welcomed ECG feature and say that it will help make people aware of their heart health. We have heard numerous stories of how Apple Watch has saved lives with its health-related features.

Apple Watch will help people take better care of their hearts and will also indicate your overall heart health. It has been especially useful in detecting conditions like Atrial fibrillation (AFib), a condition which can eventually lead to blood clot formation and heart strokes. According to the Doctors, Apple Watch users in India will feel compelled to consult them in case of any abnormalities. As always, the sooner a medical condition gets detected, the faster it is to cure.

Vijay Bohra, Gautam Sharma and Rajnish Juneja from Department of Cardiology in AIIMS say “Although accurate worldwide estimates are lacking, calculations suggest that over one percent of the adult population is affected in the developed world.” The Doctors added “In our country, there is virtually no data on AF (AFib), most of the data that has been derived is from international studies with an Indian cohort,”

Furthermore, Doctors also highlighted that “a dearth of data on epidemiologic outcomes in patients of rheumatic AF in the country leading to inconsistent practice patterns as regards medical therapy, especially oral anticoagulation.”

Typically doctors conduct a Holter monitoring in which a machine is strapped to your body for 24h. The results are then examined for patterns of AFib in the patients. However, it is not necessary that the patient should have an AFib episode in those 24 hours of Holter monitoring. It is for this reason that certain patients put up with Holter test for several days in a row.

Meanwhile, Apple Watch will always be worn by the user. This makes it relatively easy to detect AFib events as opposed to traditional Holter test. Despite being a single-lead reading, the ECG taken on Apple Watch will indicate signs of abnormality. Do you own an Apple Watch Series 4? Here is how you can use the ECG function on Apple Watch Series 4.