Audio Sharing Feature on iOS 13 will Work with Beats Headphone Powered by W1 and H1 Chips

Audio Sharing is a new feature on iOS 13 that allows you to share music between two AirPods. Now it has come to light that music sharing feature on iOS 13 will not be restricted to AirPods and will also be available for Beats wireless headphones.

Earlier, we could achieve a similar effect with headphone jack splitter. However, the splitters were known to distort audio quality and were pretty unreliable. The audio sharing on iOS 13 is truly futuristic and allows users to share music to two AirPods or Beats PowerBeats Pro. This is the perfect solution for watching movies or listening to music with your partner. Furthermore, Audio Sharing offers separate audio controls for individual listeners!

The Audio Sharing feature was originally announced for iOS 13, however, it was pushed to iOS 13.1. In fact, it is one of the several features moved to iOS 13.1 which will roll out on September 24. Engadget reports that the Music Sharing feature will also work on headphones other than AirPods and Beats PowerBeats Pro. It is learned that Music Sharing feature will work on all Beats headphones powered by Apple’s W1 and H1 chips.

This means that the audio sharing feature will be available on the BeatsX, Powerbeats3 Wireless, Solo3, and Studio3 Wireless. According to the report, the music sharing feature will be available on Beats headphones starting from September 23rd, just a day before Apple rolls out iOS 13.1. We have already explained How to Share Audio to Multiple AirPods from iPhone in this article. It will come in handy if you and your friends happen to own a pair of AirPods.

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