iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Features That Will Be Added Later This Fall

Apple is expected to launch the iOS 13 and iPad OS 13 on September 30th. The latest upgrades come with a slew of new features. iOS 13 offers a system-wide Dark Mode while the iPadOS 13 is Apple’s attempt to develop an operating system aimed at multitasking. However, the initial release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 won’t ship with all the new features that Apple introduced at WWDC 2019.

Apple has postponed some of the iOS13 and iPadOS 13 features for fall. Let us take a closer look at all the new features that will not come with iOS/iPadOS 13 on September 30.

AirPods audio sharing

AirPods audio sharing is a cool feature that lets you share audio output to two AirPods safely and securely. In other words, If two users have AirPods and iPhones, one iPhone can share the audio to the second pair of AirPods.

HomeKit Secure Video & routers

HomeKit Secure Video technology will be integrated with upcoming security cameras. With this, the video will be encrypted first on a local Apple device at the home, then it will be sent to Apple servers. Then the user will get the notification about the activity. Apple will store 10 days of video on iCloud and it will not be counted against iCloud storage.

iCloud Drive folder sharing

This feature lets you share a whole iCloud Drive folder with other users using the Files app.

Play Music on HomePod/AirPlay 2 by using scenes & automation

The feature allows users to activate their preferred HomeKit scenes in parallel to an Apple Music playlist or even a song on HomePod.

Communication Boundaries Feature in Screen Time

This new feature helps you set limits based on your contacts. You can limit the communications to only your contacts when Screen Time is active. And during Downtime, it can be restricted to just specific contacts.

Siri Reads and Replies to Incoming Messages on AirPods

When you get incoming messages Siri will automatically read the message to you and will ask if you want to reply to it. Speak your reply and it will be sent.

[via Federico]