Craig Federighi Confirms iOS 13.1 Will Bring Lyric Visualizer to Music App

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Craig Federighi in an emailed reply to a Redditor has confirmed that Apple will bring a lyrics visualizer to the Music app on the iPhone with the iOS 13.1 update later this year.

In the email, Federighi says that the company has received requests to “add the lyric view visualizer to the Now Playing page more times than me and every Mac on eath could possibly count.”

He further added that Apple was initially worried about the battery drain the feature was causing on older iPhones when running in the background. Since then though, Apple engineers have figured out a way to implement this feature and make it less CPU intensive. So a visualizer toggle should be implemented in the final iOS 13.1 release.

This feature is currently not a part of the iOS 13.1 beta released by Apple.

In reply to an email from another Redditor who requested Apple to add message scheduling to iMessage, Federighi explained the various complexities that come with it. This includes how to represent unsent messages, support for deleting and editing pending messages, scenarios in which the scheduled message is yet to go out but you receive a message from them.

Message Scheduling

From Federighi’s response, it is clear that Apple is not looking to add a scheduling feature to iMessage anytime soon. The company has considered this feature in the past and will consider it again in the future if it is able to solve the various usability issues around it.

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