iOS 13.1 vs iOS 13 Speed Test

Apple yesterday released iOS 13.1 for all compatible iPhones. The release brings a number of new features to the table but even apart from that, it also fixes a plethora of bugs and stability issues present in iOS 13. What about performance though?

Does iOS 13.1 bring any jump in performance? Or is it the same? Detailed testing has shown that iOS 13 performs the same as iOS 12.4 on older iPhones. Does the same stand true for iOS 13.1 as well?

As speed tests conducted by YouTuber iAppleBytes on iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone XR shows, iOS 13.1 does not bring any noticeable performance improvement or regression over iOS 13. All the devices performed more or less the same after being updated to iOS 13.1 in benchmarks and in app loading times.

iOS 13 performs the same as iOS 12.4 on older devices so it is good to see Apple ensuring that despite a major feature-packed update, performance of its older devices is not affected in any way and continuing that trends with subsequent point releases.

iOS 13 was a relatively buggy release so if you have not already, you should update your iPhone to iOS 13.1 as soon as possible. Apart from bug fixes, it will also tweak and enhance some existing features for better user experience.

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 13 or iOS 13.1? If so, have you noticed any performance improvement or regression? Drop a comment and let us know!