iPhone 11 Hands-On Roundup

Alongside the iPhone 11 Pro series, Apple also announced the iPhone 11. While the phone might not carry the same premium design or the triple-camera system as the Pro series, it is still a great phone featuring a dual-camera system, A13 Bionic chip, and impressive battery life. Here’s what the tech media has to say about the iPhone 11 after playing with it at Apple’s ‘By Innovation Only’ event.

The iPhone XR has been the highest selling iPhone since its launch and the iPhone 11 is going to be no different. Its lower $699 price tag and the series of improvements it brings to the table make it a more attractive deal than the iPhone 11 Pro series.

iPhone 11 Hands-On Roundup

The Verge

Apart from the additional camera, the upgraded processor, and the slight increase to battery life, the iPhone 11 is extremely familiar if you’ve spent time with the iPhone XR. The 6.1-inch LCD display is under slightly stronger glass now, but it’s still an excellent Apple LCD, not an OLED. The Face ID module works a little faster and at a slightly wider angle now. It’s very hard to judge processor improvements in a demo setting, but the A12 Bionic in the XR already had so much headroom that it’s hard to see how that will be a noticeable improvement for the target market here in the near term.


The work that Apple started with the XR continues in the new iPhone 11, which I’ve just spent a little time with. I find myself drawn to the 11 for the same reason that I liked the XR so much: You’ll get serious power at an even more serious discount. Remember: The standard iPhone 11 will set you back $700, down from the $750 that the iPhone XR debuted at last year.

The cheaper iPhone 11 definitely makes for an attractive proposition especially since it offers almost the same camera experience as the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro series.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 11? Do you like it more than the iPhone 11 Pro series? Drop a comment and let us know!