iPhone 11 Pro Availability Starts Slipping, Launch Day Delivery No Longer Available

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Around 30 minutes after the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series went up for pre-order, demand for the handsets has started slipping. The handsets are now no longer available for launch day shipping.

The Midnight Green variant of the iPhone 11 Pro series was the first whose availability started slipping signifying higher consumer interest in it. As of now, the iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green is available for shipping in late September to early October.

Demand for other colors of the iPhone 11 Pro is relatively muted, though their availability has also slipped. None of the iPhone 11 Pro models across any storage variants are now available for launch day shipping.

The iPhone 11 is still in stock for launch day delivery across all its six colors and three storage variants.

It might seem that the demand for the iPhone 11 Pro series is higher than the iPhone 11. However, this is due to the fact that power users are rushing to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro as the iPhone 11 appeals more to the average consumer and its sales will pick up over time.