Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Loses to Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in Speed Test

Every year smartphone manufacturers come out with faster and better phones. Now Apple has released the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and it only makes sense to see if Note 10+ can match pace. YouTube channel PhoneBuff did exactly that and Galaxy Note 10+ has overtaken iPhone 11 Pro Max in speed tests.

Firstly, the Galaxy Note 10+ features better hardware specifications as opposed to iPhone 11 Pro Max. For instance, the Note 10+ comes equipped with an 12GB of RAM. Typically iPhones take the lead as Apple owns the vertical stack. However, this time around history didn’t repeat itself. The iPhone 11 Pro Max with A13 Bionic chip and iOS 13.1 lost to Galaxy Note 10+ in the app loading speed test.

The Galaxy Note 10+ opened all the apps 6 seconds quicker than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The results come as a surprise especially since Apple claims iOS 13 can launch apps two times faster than iOS 12. Check out the entire test in the video below.

Our Take

We have seen numerous iPhone 11 Pro Max tests against other premium flagship devices like the Galaxy Note 10+ and Mate 30 Pro. Earlier this week we saw how iPhone 11 Pro Max offered a better battery life than the Galaxy Note 10+. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro Max fared well in the camera department and managed to capture better pictures then the Note 10+.

When it comes to charging speeds, the iPhone 11 Pro Max lagged behind Galaxy Note 10+ and other Android flagships. The results are not surprising since most of the Android flagship devices support fast charging at a higher wattage. One thing I have personally noticed is that unlike Apple, Android phones start becoming slow after using for several months or years. What do you think of the iPhone 11 Pro Max Vs Galaxy Note 10+ speed test? Let us know in the comments below.