Will Your iPhone Get iOS 13 Public Release OTA Update If Its Running iOS 13 GM or iOS 13.1 Beta?

Wondering if your iPhone will get the update to the final public release of iOS 13 when it is released later today if it is currently running iOS 13 Golden Master or iOS 13.1 developer beta?

Apple seeded the beta builds of iOS 13.1 before even releasing the stable build of iOS 13. If you were on the iOS 13 beta channel, it is likely that you ended up updating your iPhone to iOS 13.1 beta. If not and you are still on the iOS 13 beta channel, then your iPhone must be currently running the iOS 13 Golden Master build.

Update: Apple has released the public build of iOS 13 and it has the same build number as the Golden Master — 17A577. So, if your iPhone is already running the iOS 13 Golden Master build, you don’t need to worry about the public release.

If Your iPhone is Running iOS 13 Golden Master

The Golden Master build is the ‘golden’ candidate for release i.e. it is the same build that Apple will release to the public later today. That is unless Apple comes across a major show-stopping bug and has to fix it before the public release. If the Golden Master build is what is released to the public, you will not get any OTA update on your iPhone or iPad.

In case Apple ends up releasing a newer build of iOS 13, you are not going to get an OTA update to it. That’s because you are on the iOS 13 beta channel. To get back on the stable iOS 13 release channel, remove the iOS beta profile installed on iPhone.

How to Remove iOS Beta Profile

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General.

Step 2: Scroll to the end of the page and you should find Profiles. Tap on it to open.

Step 3: Choose iOS Beta Software Profile.

Step 4: Tap on the Delete Profile button, enter the device passcode and confirm that you want to remove the profile from your device.

If Your iPhone is Running iOS 13.1 Beta

If your iPhone or iPad is already running a beta build of iOS 13.1, you will have to downgrade it back to iOS 12.4.1 and then install the iOS 13 OTA update. You cannot simply downgrade back to the stable release of iOS 13 since Apple does not allow that. If you had created an iOS 13 beta backup of your iPhone before installing the iOS 13.1 beta, you can restore that and then remove the beta profile so as to get the iOS 13 stable update.

There is also the option of downgrading your iPhone to a beta build of iOS 13 so that you can get the OTA update to the stable release of iOS 13 later today.

However, I will not recommend our readers to go with any of the methods as they are both time-consuming. Instead, my suggestion is to simply continue using your iPhone with iOS 13.1 beta. Most — if not all — the bug fixes that are present in the stable build of iOS 13 are also a part of the latest iOS 13.1 beta 4.

Apple will release the stable build of iOS 13.1 for iPhone on September 30. At that point, you can simply remove the beta profile from your iPhone and get back on the iOS 13.1 stable release channel.