Next-Gen AirPods Will Go into Production in Early October

Apple AirPods

Citing industry sources, Digitimes claims that Apple suppliers are working to start assembling the new AirPods from early October.

The full story is not yet live so other details are still scarce at the moment.

Reputed analyst Kuo had mentioned in one of his investors note earlier this year that Apple is working on two different AirPods and that they will go into mass production in Q4 2019 or Q1 2020. Both of them will go into mass production at the end of this year or early next year.

Previous reports have detailed that Apple is working on new AirPods with an updated design, active noise cancellation, and a certain degree of water resistance. This model will sit above the existing AirPods and carry a higher price tag due to all the new features it will pack. As for the second new AirPods, they will replace the existing 2nd gen model. It is unclear what improvements these new 3rd gen AirPods will bring to the table.

Apple has already launched a refreshed version of the AirPods this year with improved battery life and lower latency.

Our Take

In case Apple does go ahead with the launch of the new AirPods, it will be for the one that will replace the existing 2nd gen AirPods and won’t bring anything new to the table. The move might benefit Apple though since these new AirPods will reportedly switch to a new System-in-Package design that should help improve yields, reduce production costs, and save internal space.

[Via DigiTimes]