Poll: Are You Looking Forward to the iPhone 11 Launch?

Next week, Apple will be announcing the iPhone 11 series. The new handsets are going to follow the same design language as the iPhone X/XS series but will feature some major internal and external changes. The iPhone 11 is going to be a bigger upgrade over the iPhone XS compared to what the latter was over the iPhone X.

Apple has been lagging behind in a number of areas and with the iPhone 11, the company is widely expected to play catch up and even surpass its competition in many ways. Below are some of the features that the iPhone 11 series is going to pack:

  • Triple-camera system
  • Frosted Glass Back
  • Bigger batteries
  • Reverse Wireless Charging
  • Improved FaceTime Camera

These are features that have become standard on Android flagships released this year so Apple will be playing catch up in this regard. The triple-camera system will include a new ultra-wide angle sensor, though Apple is also expected to greatly improve the primary camera performance. Plus, there will be a dedicated Night mode in the camera mode to capture better photos in low-light scenarios.

While iPhones are regarded to have excellent imaging performance, they don’t perform well in low-light scenarios especially when compared to Huawei and Google phones. With this low-light mode on the iPhone 11, Apple has a chance of reclaiming the best smartphone camera crown once again.

The frosted glass back along with the squarish camera hump and the repositioned Apple logo at the rear should ensure that the iPhone 11 looks different from the iPhone X/XS series. The matte finish and the new color palette should also help the phones give a distinct look.

The bigger batteries inside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro mean they should last longer than their predecessor. Longer battery life is always welcome and this should be appreciated by a lot of people who are always on the move. The bigger battery will also allow Apple to offer reverse wireless charging on the new iPhones. Using it, one can wirelessly charge their Apple Watch or AirPods. This means no need to carry multiple chargers while traveling or worrying about their battery not making it through a day.

The above features will be in addition to usual yearly upgrades like a better display, improved performance, and more RAM. Add in everything and the iPhone 11 series is definitely looking like a tempting upgrade. What do you think?

Are you excited about the iPhone 11 launch? Or do you think it still does not pack any innovative new feature that would warrant an upgrade? Take part in our poll below and let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment!