Should You Update Your iPhone to iOS 13?

Apple is going to release the iOS 13 update for iPhone later today. Should you be the first to upgrade or should you hold off? Here’s how you can decide.

Top Reasons To Install iOS 13 on iPhone

1. Dark Mode

iOS 13 iPhone Dark Mode Apps

You’re going to love the new dark mode in iOS 13. It instantly flips the color scheme, giving you a true back background and white text. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it also helps with the battery life.

To toggle dark mode, open Control Center, and tap and hold on the Brightness bar. In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a new Dark Mode toggle. Tap on it to switch to the dark mode.

2. Redesigned Reminders App

iOS 13 Reminders App Hands on 1

The Reminders app has been redesigned from the ground up. It now has a dashboard-style interface, with multiple lists, grouped lists, subtasks, and rich attachment support.

But the best new feature is the new text input suggestions. You can type a reminder and then type time and day in the end. You’ll see a suggestion in the keyboard field to attach it to the reminders. This is not as great as third party apps but it’s better than nothing.

3. Safari Download Manager

iOS 13 Safari Download Manager

Safari gets a download manager on both the iPhone and iPad. When you visit a link that can be downloaded, you’ll see a popup asking if you want to download the file. Then, a new Download icon will appear in the toolbar. Tap on it to monitor all your downloads.

Once the download is finished, you’ll find it in the Downloads folder in the Files app, It will be stored locally.

But you can, and should change the default download location in iOS 13. You can even change it to the local storage. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Downloads and switch to On my iPad. You can also go in and select another folder of your choice.

4. New Text Editing Features

iOS 13 Gestures Undo and Redo

Apple is making text manipulation easier with iOS 13. You can now tap and hold to pick up the cursor and move it around with ease.

Use the three-finger pinch gesture to copy text, a double three-finger pinch gesture to cut text and a three-finger expand gesture to paste the text.

Finally, there’s a new undo gesture. Just swipe left with three fingers to undo text entry and a three-finger right swipe to redo.

If you don’t like swiping, just tap and hold with three fingers to get a new formatting bar. From here, you can easily Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo.

We’ve written more about the text editing gestures in detail in our previous guide.

5. Lot More Awesome Features

There are a lot more little features that make iOS 13 worth the upgrade.

We’ve covered more awesome hidden features for iOS 13.

Top Reasons Not to Install iOS 13

1. Day 1 Bugs

There’s always a risk that iOS 13 will have some new day 1 bug. With previous versions of iOS, there have been bugs that disabled phone calls or kept crashing. So here’s our advice. Do update to iOS 13, just give yourself a week if you can.

Also, iOS 13 betas have been especially bad. So it’s possible that some of the bugs from the betas still haven’t been ironed out. If you’re wary of such things, you can try waiting for the iOS 13.1

2. No Jailbreak

As it is usually the case with any new iOS release, there is no iOS 13 jailbreak. However, there’s one for iOS 12.4 so if you value your jailbreak setup, stick to iOS 12 for now and avoid updating to iOS 13.

3. More Features Coming in iOS 13.1 Update

A couple of features are missing in iOS 13 update that won’t ship till iOS 13.1 release. This includes automation in Shortcuts, ETA in Maps app, iCloud Drive folder sharing and more. If you’ve been looking forward specifically to these features, you can wait till iOS 13.1 comes out.

Will You Be Upgrading?

Are you planning to upgrade to iOS 13 on your device? Share with us in the comments below.