Hacked: Verbose Boot on iPhone X Running iOS 13.1.1 Using checkm8

iPhone X Body Shots 1

Last week, an unpatchable bootroom exploit — checkm8 — was released for all iPhones starting from the iPhone 4s to iPhone X that could pave the way for a permanent jailbreak for these devices. Checkm8 is not a jailbreak in itself and it is up to developers to take advantage of it to create a jailbreak for all iPhones.

We are already seeing the jailbreak community to take advantage of this exploit. With the help of Yalu jailbreak creator Luca Todesco, @axi0mX has posted a video of iPhone X starting in Verbose mode running iOS 13.1.1. He further mentions that after starting the iPhone in DFU mode, it took 2 seconds to jailbreak the device using checkm8.

Below is a video of the iPhone X in action:

Since checkm8 is a bootrom exploit, it cannot be patched by Apple via a software update. What this means is that all iPhones and iPads starting from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone X (A5-A11) are going to be jailbreakable for life. Now we just need to wait for someone from the jailbreak community to use this exploit and turn it into a jailbreak.

The good news is that almost all major jailbreak developers — Pwn20wnd and CoolStar — have shown interest in the exploit and already started working on it. It is likely just a matter of time before we see an iOS 13 jailbreak for the iPhone 6s – iPhone X drop later this year. Since checkm8 is not a remote exploit though, it is possible that the jailbreaking tool will require users to connect their iPhone to their PC for the jailbreak process.