Which Color iPhone 11 Pro Should You Buy — Space Gray, Midnight Green, Gold, or Silver?

Which Color iPhone 11 Pro to buy

The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max follow the same design language as the iPhone XS series. However, the use of frosted glass at the back, the matte finish, and the new color options mean the iPhone 11 Pro looks noticeably different from the iPhone XS. So if you are confused as to which color of the iPhone 11 Pro you should buy, follow this guide.

The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max are available in four colors. Three of them are the same as the iPhone XS series, with the fourth Midnight Green being the newest addition.

Below are the four colors options for the iPhone 11 Pro series:

  • Gold
  • Space Gray
  • Silver
  • Midnight Green

If you cannot make up your mind as to which color iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max you should order, read below.

Which Color iPhone 11 Pro Should You Buy?

Space Gray

Remember the black iPhone 7? The matte finish Space Gray on the iPhone 11 Pro series looks exactly like that. If you loved the black iPhone 7, you will like the Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro as well.

Do note that the camera part still has a glossy finish so there’s a two-tone contrasty finish. This is true for all color options of the iPhone 11 Pro and not just limited to the Space Gray finish.

The Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro looks very stealthy and if you always prefer your gadgets in black, the Space Gray finish will be right up your ally. The frosted glass does help give the iPhone 11 Pro a fresh look but if scratched, it can look pretty bad as well so if you carry your phone naked, you must keep this in mind.

iPhone 11 Pro Space Gray

Midnight Green

This is a new finish that Apple is offering this time around for the iPhone 11 Pro series. The green is more of a military camo finish but looks pretty good and unique. While many Android OEMs have launched their smartphones in a bunch of colors, this is the first time we are seeing a green smartphone being launched.

If you like to carry your phone naked and want to show off the world that you are using the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro, this new Midnight Green color is your best choice.

iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green


The matte Gold finish of the iPhone 11 Pro looks very similar to the gold iPhone XS from last year. If you prefer a blingy looking iPhone or are just fond of the gold color, go for this option. While the Space Gray and Midnight Green colors are dark in nature, the Gold finish is very bright in nature.

iPhone 11 Pro Gold


The Silver color on the iPhone 11 Pro series has more of a white finish. It is extremely bright and if you have missed using a white iPhone all these years, this is the color you should opt for. In fact, the finish is so bright that the repositioned Apple logo at the rear is going to be tough to find in strong daylight.

Silver iPhone 11 Pro

If I had to make a choice between the four color options of the iPhone 11 Pro series, my money would go towards the Midnight Green and Space Gray colors.

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