Apple Wants to Help Project Catalyst Developers with More Support, Resources

macOS Catalina was launched to the public earlier this month. The latest macOS arrives with Mac Catalyst for everyone. Project Catalyst is aimed at making it easier for developers to port iPad apps to macOS. Apple received criticism from developers who claim that porting is not as easy as made out to be. The company told CNET that it is learning as developers adopt Catalyst.

macOS product marketing director, Todd Benjamin said Project Catalyst is designed to give developers a “huge head start.” He also added Catalyst will throw open new opportunities for developers who can now reach out to macOS users.

Our vision for Mac Catalyst was always to make it easier for any iPad app developer, big or small, to bring their app to the Mac,” said Todd Benjamin, MacOS product marketing director. “This allows them to leverage one codebase and one development team. Mac Catalyst gives iPad app developers a huge head start and for many, an opportunity to expand their reach onto the Mac platform that they may not have had before. Not only is this great for developers, but it’s also great for Mac users, who benefit with access to a whole new selection of great app experiences from iPad’s vibrant ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Craig Federighi acknowledged issues faced by users with respect to early apps. However, he insists that Catalyst is helping smaller developers to create Mac apps without the need for extensive resources.

While early apps created for Mac with Catalina weren’t well-received by users, the release of MacOS Catalina brought several more to the Mac App Store that seems to have benefitted from more time in development. The technology remains in its infancy, but it has allowed smaller development shops who otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to create Mac apps to do so with relative ease.

Our Take

Apple has added more apps to Mac in macOS Catalina. Meanwhile, the previous apps have updated and are now much more similar to native Mac apps. We have also seen a handful of Catalyst apps from third-party developers and the list includes Crew, PDF Viewer, Crem, Zoho Invoice and more. Hopefully, we should see more developers hopping onto the Catalyst bandwagon and more importantly Apple should sort out the issues related to double subscription.