Apple Watch Sleep App Screenshots Spotted on App Store

Apple was rumored to bake in a sleep tracking feature for Apple Watch. However, the company didn’t mention anything about the sleep app during the launch. Meanwhile, Apple does seem to be developing a Sleep app and iOS 13 beta has already hinted at it.

A screenshot from MacRumors reader gives us a sneak peek at the Apple Sleep app. The Sleep app menu comes with a Wake-Up bedtime alarm and a text that reads “Set your bedtime and wake up in the Sleep app.” In all likelihood, Apple will release Sleep app and thus introduce Sleep tracking feature on Apple Watch.

Starting with watchOS 6, Apple lets you delete stock apps. Furthermore, if you want to re-download the apps then you can head over to the Apple Watch app store. Apparently it seems like the company forgot to pull back a screenshot that references to Sleep app from the App Store. At this point in time, you can always use apps like Sleep++ for sleep tracking on Apple Watch.

Apple has also updated all of its watch faces to take advantage of the Always-On Display. Despite the inclusion of Always-On Display, the Apple Watch Series 5 still offers an 18-hour battery life. The new Apple Watch also comes with a built-in Compass. This means one can use the Maps app on their Apple Watch Series 5 for navigation purposes. Apple is also providing third-party apps with access to the Compass for a better experience.

Our Take

A comprehensive Sleep app on Apple Watch is long overdue. Other smartwatches and fitness bands offer a Sleep tracking feature that includes data like REM (Rapid Eye Movements) cycles. I personally feel that Sleep tracking is one of the most underrated features.

[via MacRumors]