Clean Up Your Inbox’s Act With This Highly-Rated App [Deals Hub]

Are you inundated with emails the second you wake up? Wishing you could get your account under control? There’s an app for that! Clean Email helps you manage your inbox more efficiently with just a few simple clicks. Right now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub a one year subscription is available for $9.99, 89% off the usual price of $95.88, and a lifetime subscription is available for just $29.99, 96% off the $958.80 MSRP.

Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner that lets you take control of your inbox, letting you define the rules and filters to segment your mail into groups. Clean up useless emails in a few clicks, unsubscribe from unwanted emails in a flash and even remove thousands of emails easily by directly communicating with your mailbox “server-to-server.” You’ll also be able to combine emails from all over your inbox into a single screen, where you can then apply easy-to-select actions. And with a 4.2 rating in Apple’s app store, you can rest assured that users are enjoying the precious time this handy app saves them.

Take charge of your email inbox once and for all! The iPhone Hacks Deals Hub has a one-year subscription available for $9.99 or a lifetime subscription available for $29.99 now.