New EufyCam 2 Arrives with HomeKit Support, Free DVR Storage, 1-Year Battery Life

Anker has finally released a new security camera lineup that supports Apple’s HomeKit. The company had announced HomeKit partnership at WWDC in June this year. EufyCam 2 setup consists of two security cameras and a hub. The Eufycam 2 is priced at $349 and is rated to offer one year of battery life.

The security cameras support 1080p video and also offer features like “smart” image enhancement, secure local storage and human detection. You will also get a loud 100dB intruder alarm. On the storage front, EufyCam 2 arrives with DVR functionality which allows you to store videos locally via microSD card slot. Typically, security cameras offer cloud storage and charge for the same. It is worth noting that HomeKit support on EufyCam 2 will be available later in 2019.

Apart from HomeKit, EufyCam 2 also supports Google Assistant and Alexa. The latest security camera setup is expected to go on sale at Best Buy next month.

Anker has also announced Eufy Security Smart Lock. It comes equipped with a touchpad and a “bank-grade” security. The rated battery life on a full charge is one year while the IP65 ensures that it can withstand harsh weather. The Eufy Security Smart Lock will unlock in 0.3 seconds via fingerprint detection. Furthermore, the security smart lock supports Alexa and Google Assistant, however, it doesn’t support HomeKit.

HomeKit is Apple’s smart home platform that lets you control all your smart devices in a single place. Instead of using separate apps for every device you can simply control the supported devices via the HomeKit app. In other words, HomeKit is a framework that brings together many devices via scenes or customizable automation.

[via 9to5Toys]