iOS 13: How to Share Photos without Location Data from iPhone

Apple is known to focus on privacy and security. With iOS 13, the company has introduced a number of new privacy-oriented features. One such feature is the ability to strip a photo of its location data before sharing it on the internet or mailing it to someone.

Most people are completely oblivious of the fact that all the photos they click from their iPhone have the location data attached to it. When they share this photo with someone, they inadvertently end up sharing the location where the photo is taken as well. This might not matter in most cases, but sometimes, you might want to share a photo without the relevant location data. Thankfully, Apple is made this pretty easy in iOS 13. Follow the steps below to know how.

How to Share Photos Without Location Data from iPhone

Step 1: Click a photo on your iPhone and proceed to share it from the Camera roll. Alternatively, open the Photos app followed by the photo you want to share.

Step 2: You will automatically see a small dialog box at the top highlighting that the photo includes location data.

Step 3: Tap Options and you will see the toggle to remove the location data from the photo. You also have the option to select how you want to share the photo: Automatic, Individual Photo, or an iCloud link.

Automatic will automatically decide how to share the photo depending on the app you are using. As for iCloud link, it will upload the photo to iCloud and create a link that you can then share with your friends or family.

The ability to share photos without location data might not be meant for everyone. However, power users who are looking for something like this will appreciate this feature baked directly into iOS 13 itself.