iPhone 11 Launch Helped Increase Apple’s Market Share in Europe

iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 series has been doing very well for Apple and the latest data from Kantar further corroborates that. In its report, Kantar says that just after a week of going on sale, the iPhone 11 series accounted for 7.4% of the total iPhone sales in Q3 2019 — that’s up from the 6.6% contribution made by the iPhone XS series when it launched in Q3 2018.

The iPhone 11 is the highest-selling model, though the iPhone 11 Pro series is also doing well and not far behind. In the United States, the iPhone 11 captured 10.2% of the total iPhone sales in Q3 2019 which is notably higher than last year.

The launch of the iPhone 11 also helped in increasing the iOS market share in the five major European markets to 18.9%, though in the United States, iOS market share fell by 2%.

Apple also saw its market share decline in China by 1.3%, with Chinese OEMs accounting for 79.3% of the total smartphone sales in the region. The market was dominated by Huawei and Honor which combined to account for 46.8% of the total sales. The launch of the new iPhones also saw its market share increase in Australia and Japan.

Apart from Apple, Samsung also saw its market share in Europe surge by 5.9% to 38.4% thanks to the strong sales of its new Galaxy A smartphones. It was also the fastest growing brand in the region.

It is interesting to note that the data is for Q3 2019 and the iPhone 11 series went on sale towards the end of September. So whatever changes we see in the market share were caused by the new iPhones being on sale for only around a week. I doubt any other smartphone will have such a major impact on market share and user base within just a few days of going on sale.

[Via Kantar]